Sevierville Commons Arts Council

As of July 14, 2019 our lease at 129 Bruce Street ends.  We do not have sufficient funds to continue the Arts in Common Gallery at this time.  We will have to find a new location for our Arts Council headquarters.  If you know of a facility in downtown, that would allow us to use their space without charge, we would be very interested in discussing.  Thank you.

Cash or In-Kind for renovations 
Materials for pedestals
Art supplies for classrooms and Make it & Take It events
Folding chairs for programming & events.
Computer & Software for Treasurer/Office.

2nd Computer for classes, software to teach business skills for artists and other business entrepreneurs.
Promotional rack cards and advertising.
Office supplies.
Supplies for receptions --utensils, paper plates, napkins, etc.
Salary money – Manager, Sales person(s).
Operation money – utilities, etc.
Professional picture hanging system.
Exhaust fan for bathroom.
Street pole banners.
Additional façade work—wooden door, wood trim, paint, planters.

Sponsorship for Make It & Take It events 
Sponsorship for Featured Artist Receptions 
Sponsorship for performances in gallery and in gazebo.